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    From Eight Venues, Seven Days, One City: Portland's Venue Bucket List:

    Yet another mid-sized Portland venue known for booking an artistically diverse offering, this converted warehouse with sweeping white walls and 25-foot ceilings definitely caters to a dancier demographic with regular DJ nights every weekend supplemented by indie rock, electronic music, art installations, storytelling, film screenings, modern dance, and other events throughout the week.

    Check these off your list:

    ▶ If you show early before the crowds and noise, there's plenty of loungeable space for you to catch up with friends and make a memento in the photo booth before things get hazy.

    ▶ Need a pick-me-up to make it through the night? Order a No Naps: hot Stumptown coffee, Lemon Hart 151 rum, Averna liqueur and soft cream with an orange twist. Plus, load up on European-sounding "comestibles," which taste as good as they sound especially if famished by dance.

    ▶ Can’t stand the heat? If the bodies have turned the space into a sweatbox, step outside for a breath of fresh air—just be careful not to be lured away from your party inside and across the street by the glowing marquee of an equally beloved institution: Sassy’s strip club.


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