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  • Don Campbell

    Don Campbell, Writer

    Don Campbell is a longtime freelance writer, author, editor, musician, songwriter, producer and complete knucklehead, based in Portland. Campbell has been actively and professionally engaged in the print and online publishing industries in various capacities since 1987 and in the music business far longer. He refuses to get a real job.

  • John Chandler

    John Chandler, Writer

    John Chandler has been writing about Northwest rock since 1986 and even plays in a few greasy garage bands when the mood strikes him. MagnetThe RocketPortland TribunePortland MonthlyPuncture, and BarFly are just a few of the stops he's made along the way. Follow him on Twitter @TheBarPilot or peruse his horror movie blog.

  • Ollie Collins

    Ollie Collins, Writer

    Ollie Collins is the founder of the theater company Monkey With a Hat On and co-founder of the cannabis farm Fire Flower. Read his thoughts on The Portland Underground in each issue of Vortex.

  • Andrea Janda

    Andrea Janda, Writer

    Loves the wild landscapes of nature, science, technology, the mind and music. She is a contributor to Oregon Music News and a founding member and writer for Visitant. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram @littleredelf.

  • Roddy Jasa

    Roddy Jasa, Writer

    Filling his free time with reading, writing, concerts, traveling or pretty much any outdoor activity, Roddy is rarely one to turn down an adventure. He has yet to find the meaning of life but is pretty sure it can be found in the form of live music. There’s not many genres of music he doesn’t enjoy, and as long as there’s a beat, you can find him nearby.

  • Kelly Jones

    Kelly Jones, Writer

    Kelly Jones is a lover of all things musical. Born with a pitch pipe in her hand, Kelly has been singing and playing music since childhood. As an adult, she turned her attention towards supporting and encouraging musicians in their complicated artistic paths, leading her to found Portland Notes. Kelly thrives on the positive and unifying energy and synergy that are the foundations of music and musicianship. With experience in performance, merchandising, marketing, management and media, Kelly actively seeks out local bands and musicians who are wanting to reach out to a larger audience. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @portlandnotes.

  • Ryan J. Prado, Writer

    Ryan J. Prado is a freelance writer originally from Northern California. He now resides on the peak of the Sandy Boulevard hill where a thousand Vietnamese and Thai restaurants collide. Ryan is a regular contributor to the Portland Mercury, Paste Magazine and Submerge Magazine, and was previously a staff writer at Portland LGBTQ news magazine Just Out. His writing has also been published by Oregon Music News, Synthesis, Caustic Truths, Revolver, The Record Searchlight and more. He has recently discovered a sickening obsession with buying vinyl, and when Ryan's not working, he’s likely playing bass guitar in bands that may never play shows—or petting his cat.

  • Nathan Rizzo, Writer

  • Jeni Wren Stottrup

    Jeni Wren Stottrup, Writer

    Ready to bring you an insider’s view of the Portland music scene, Jeni Wren Stottrup hosts and produces The Gritty Birds Podcast, records and performs as Jeni Wren, and logs time as a publicist for Self Group as well as serving as the current media sponsorship coordinator for PDX Pop Now!

  • Brendan Swogger

    Brendan Swogger, Writer

    A graduate of Oregon City High School, Brendan Swogger grew up with a passion for music. In 2013, he founded his own blog, indie/alt, and has since attended more than 200 shows. He continues to contribute live show reviews and has interviewed artists from the Northwest to the UK. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @indiealtpdx.


  • Tariq Abdellatif, Photographer

  • John Alcala, Photographer


  • Autumn Andel

    Autumn Andel, Photographer, Videographer

    A freelance photographer and videographer with an insatiable thirst for every undiscovered gem in independent music, Autumn can be found covering music festivals, shows, conducting video interviews, and making music videos, as well as contributing written content to music blogs. She’s traveled extensively in Europe doing all of the above, and her work has been published in Beats Per Minute, Brooklyn Vegan, KEXP, Oregon Music News, Prefix, QRO Magazine, Stereogum, Under The Radar, Consequence of Sound, The MAT Magazine and used by Willamette Week's MusicfestNW. As exciting as all that sounds, for her livelihood, Autumn mainly shoots and edits business profile videos for Yelp under the moniker Photosphere. An eco-conscious animal lover and almost vegan, she’s been a Portland resident since 2004. Follow her on Twitter @auteurian and Instagram @dada_autumn.

  • Tojo Andrianarivo

    Tojo Andrianarivo, Photographer

    Tojo Andrianarivo has over five years of experience as a photographer specializing in portrait and live music. Though he was born in Madagascar, he has resided in the U.S. for the majority of his life—living in four different states—save five years spent in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently he lives in Portland, Oregon, and enjoys exploring all the amazing scenery and food the Northwest has to offer. Follow Tojo on Instagram at @tojofotos to keep up with his latest work.

  • Emma Davis, Photographer

  • Joe Duquette

    Joe Duquette, Photographer

    After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Joe returned to his motherland and earned his master’s in audio production from Emerson College in Boston. From there, he spent a decade licensing music and photos in Los Angeles, and is thrilled to have recently immersed himself in the thriving Portland music scene. Joe is the consummate professional music appreciator—you’ll find him shooting local shows, digging through record crates, or fine-tuning playlists at home. Contact him at joe [at]

  • Miss Ellanea, Photographer

  • Paul Garcia, Photographer

  • Sam Gehrke

    Sam Gehrke, Photographer, Writer

    Sam Gehrke is a Wisconsin-born, Oregon-raised freelance photographer and writer based in Eugene and Portland. After receiving a formal education in film and cinema at the University of Oregon, Sam dipped back into photography after a four-year hiatus, teaching himself through trial and error the ins and outs of the medium by shooting skaters at local skateparks. Despite a relatively short freelance career in photography and journalism, the magic of social media soapboxes has meant exponential growth for Sam, and he's contributed both his photographs and written pieces to publications such as NPR, Vice, Sciences Occultes Magazine, Eugene Weekly, Color Me With Chaos music blog, and now serves as a contributor for Vortex Music Magazine, principally photographing and providing written coverage of concerts in the Pacific Northwest. When he’s not working, Sam is usually reading comics, listening to music, buying stupidly expensive action figures, or cruising around town on his skateboard. Follow Sam on Twitter @dirtmcgehrk and Instagram @pogsandtamagotchis or check out more of his photos.

  • Bob Gersztyn

    Bob Gersztyn, Photographer

    The year was 1994 when Bob Gersztyn was allowed in the photo pit of a major concert for the first time, when the Grateful Dead played at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. Since then, Bob has photographed close to a thousand different acts in every size and type of venue. His work has been published in multiple daily newspapers, magazines, books, albums and internet publications, including Blues Revue, Blueswax, Blues Rock Review, FolkWax, Guitar Player, The Rocket, Statesman Journal, Ticketmaster’s LIVE Magazine, The Wittenburg Door and many others. Bob plans to keep photographing concerts until his ears stop ringing.

  • Alyssa Herrman

    Alyssa Herrman, Photographer

    Alyssa is a self-taught photographer with an undeniable passion for music. Being a musician herself, she has the ability to see the world through the artists’ eyes. She has worked with many local and international touring bands and has been published in magazines such as Decibel, Rolling Stone, OSPREY and New Noise Magazine. Through her photography, she hopes to show the emotion you feel when you go to a show. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @fotophortress.

  • Sydnie Kobza

    Sydnie Kobza, Photographer

    Sydnie Kobza is most passionate about still life photography, including the commercial and advertising aspects that it often includes. Concert photography has always been her goal, with her biggest love rooted in music. She loves attending shows and capturing the intensity of live music in photos, as well as showcasing the best of each artist or band.

  • Chad Lanning, Photographer

  • Renée Lopez, Photographer

  • Dawn Marks

    Dawn Marks, Photographer

    Dawn Marks is a Portland-based photographer and videographer with a passion for concert photography. All her life, she’s had an obsession with taking pictures—there is just something about capturing the light in a moment that does it for her. For the past 10 years, she has been a full-time photographer. Dawn is happiest when she has her camera in hand and a band to shoot.

  • Benito Martinez, Photographer

  • Jessie McCall, Photographer

  • Jensen Ocampo, Photographer

  • Beth Olson

    Beth Olson, Photographer

    Beth Olson is the owner of Beth Olson Creative, a Portland-based company that specializes in alternative commercial, editorial and wedding photography for small businesses, artists, performers and nerds of all kinds. Beth loves hoppy beers and bourbon, geek culture, loud rock music, has a bit of a potty mouth and a love/hate/love relationship with horror movies. In addition to Vortex, she's contributed to Portland Monthly Magazine, The Portland Mercury, Imbibe, CreativeLive, Oregon Music News, Skorch Magazine, Pickathon and others. You can see more of her work at her website:

  • Anthony Pidgeon

    Anthony Pidgeon, Photographer

    Veteran music photographer Anthony Pidgeon has been shooting tours, band sessions, CD packaging and marketing collateral since the early ‘90s for artists, promoters, record companies, and magazines. Check out more images on his digital portfolio and contact him at photography [at]

  • Jason Quigley

    Jason Quigley, Photographer

    Having grown up in Klamath Falls, Jason Quigley moved north to attend the University of Portland—where he met his future wife, Megan—and the two have lived here ever since. They now have two young daughters, and even though they doesn’t sleep nearly enough, they love them very much.

    Jason honed his music photography chops in the early-2000s Portland music scene, and cites several years working at PDX Pop Now! as a particularly formative experience. In 2013, he quit his day job, and since then has expanded his repertoire to include editorial, weddings, portraits and food. Although he loves it all, music photography remains his passion.

  • Jessica Rentola Ramberg, Photographer

  • Veronica Rose, Photographer

  • Jeff Ryan

    Jeff Ryan, Photographer

    Jeff Ryan is a Portland-based photographer specializing in live music and landscapes. He has shot live shows for Vortex, Impose and Brooklyn Vegan. Most of the time Jeff can be found standing at the front of the crowd pointing his camera at his favorite bands. If he’s not there, he’s most likely knee-deep in a mountain stream, pointing his camera at a waterfall and mumbling something about “finding the comp.” You can find his work at

  • Aaron Sharpsteen

    Aaron Sharpsteen, Photographer

    Aaron Sharpsteen is a portrait and live music photographer based in Portland, where he lives with his girlfriend and their magical cat. He loves metal, philosophy and crossword puzzles.

  • Jordan Sleeth, Photographer

  • Blake Sourisseau

    Blake Sourisseau, Photographer

    Blake Sourisseau discovered photography at a young age through using his grandfather's old 35mm film camera. Over the years he taught himself how to develop, scan and print his film in his own darkroom. Eventually he switched to the world of digital, and that's when he became even more passionate about photography. He took his camera anywhere he went, and that also means he tried to sneak it into concerts. With Vortex, Blake no longer needs to hide his camera from the bouncers, but he still tries his hardest to get the best shot possible from the crowd. To keep up with the world of Blake, you can follow him on his Instagram or check out his website.

  • Miri Stebivka, Photographer

  • Dune Stewart, Photographer

  • Daniel Stindt, Photographer

  • Corey Terrill

    Corey Terrill, Photographer

    With 10-plus years of photography experience and 15-plus years as a musician, Corey has found the perfect way to marry his two biggest passions in life: concert photography. Born and raised in Southern California, Corey has discovered a love and appreciation for the uniqueness of Portland and the rest of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Terry White, Photographer

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