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  • Mac Smiff

    Mac Smiff, Fall 2020 Guest Editor

    Mac Smiff is a longtime journalist focused on Northwest music and hip-hop culture for outlets such as The Oregonian, Portland Mercury, Vortex Music Magazine and his own vehicle, We Out Here Magazine. A professional problem solver, his hobbies include gardening, activism and raising children who understand basketball analogies.

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young, Editor-In-Chief & Founder

    A journalist, editor and advocate of his local music community as a board member of MusicPortland, Chris is a native Portlander who's always finding ways to surround himself with beautiful noise and creativity. As a wide-eyed, industrious sixth grader, Chris devotedly caught his first concert at the Oregon State Fairgrounds where a shape-shifting, accordion-wielding, polka-playing comic set the live music bar high because, little Amlettes or not, the King of Parody (or “Suede”) doing his best imitation of the King of Pop will leave a lasting impression on a supple young mind. Follow him on Twitter @pdxnoise or contact him at Loading....

  • Katey Trnka

    Katey Trnka, Associate Editor

    Katey is a graduate of Portland State University's master's program in publishing. During her second year in the program, she served as the editorial manager at Ooligan Press, the program's student-run trade publishing house. With Vortex, she combines her editorial skills with her love of music, which has roots in snooping through her sisters' cassette tapes in the early '90s and has only grown since then, even inspiring her to major in music during her undergraduate career. Contact her at Loading....

  • Ignacio Quintana

    Ignacio Quintana, Social Media Strategist & Photographer

    Hailing all the way from Santiago, Chile, Ignacio moved to Portland in 2014, following his three great loves: beer, bridges and bands. Trained as an architect, Ignacio now does everything from building houses to building websites, and snapping some pictures in between. When he’s not shooting a concert, he can be found working at the online Chilean newspaper El Definido and on his social platform ChileArq, where architects, designers, photographers and the like can connect from around the world. Follow him on Instagram @ignacioquintana and on Twitter @ig_quintana or contact him at Loading....

  • Arthur Parker

    Arthur Parker, Webmaster & Partner

    A native of Hollywood, Ala., Arthur is a web developer by day and a musician by night. As a freelance web developer, he's mostly a PHP programmer. As a musician, he's a member of Love Gigantic, Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights, Little Professor and The Nowhere Band. Contact him at Loading....

  • Bren Swogger

    Bren Swogger, Editorial Assistant & Writer

    A graduate of Oregon City High School, Bren Swogger grew up with a passion for music. In 2013, they founded their own blog, indie/alt, and have since attended more than 200 shows. They continue to contribute live show reviews and have interviewed artists from the Northwest to the UK. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @indiealtpdx or contact them at Loading....

  • Bruna Cucolo

    Bruna Cucolo, Editorial Assistant

    Moving from a large city in Brazil to a small town in Oregon at a young age, Bruna dreamed of living in Portland. Now, as a Portland State University student, she is creating her own academic path and aspires to be a music journalist. Music has always been there for her, and her happy place is concerts. (She’s gone to too many to count.) Bruna’s other love is writing, and she takes pleasure in creating articles on music she enjoys, which makes up a large collection of vinyl, cassette tapes and CDs. Contact her at Loading....

  • Emma Davis

    Emma Davis, Editorial Assistant & Photographer

    As a journalism student at the University of Oregon, Emma Davis has always had a passion for all things artistic and creative. Beginning photography nearly six years ago and growing up with music, she has found a love for music photography and journalism and wants to continue with it after she graduates. She since has started her own website,, where all of her work is displayed. Follow her on Twitter @emmakdavis18 or contact her at Loading....

  • Mackenzie Dineen

    Mackenzie Dineen, Account Executive

    Mackenzie Dineen is a vocalist, bassist and music journalist who graduated from Lasell University in Boston, Mass. The genesis of her love affair with punk, metal and industrial can be traced back to late nights of streaming on YouTube, unbeknownst by her parents. Accompanied by her cat, Mackenzie drove from one coast to the other in search of a lively arts scene and found a home in Portland. Her portfolio includes four years as A&E and Features editor of Lasell's newspaper The 1851 Chronicle, a music journalism internship with College Media Network, as well as multimedia production, editing and social media work for YogaWorks, J-Line Bridal and educational adventure start-up Project R. In her free time, she runs a music blog and practices yoga. Contact her at Loading....

  • Olivia Hunt

    Olivia Hunt, Account Executive

    Olivia is a California native who recently moved to Portland after years of thoughtful planning. She has a degree in communications and media studies with an emphasis in journalism and film. Growing up with both parents involved in creative fields, Olivia's curiosity for alternative culture began at a young age. Working alongside a cohort of musicians and artists to promote events for the DIY community has driven her for several years. Her experience includes two years as the opinion editor for her university-run paper, social media management and event planning. Contact her at Loading....

  • Reed Schackmann

    Reed Schackmann, Account Executive

    A PDX native, Reed has been an active member of the local music scene since 2007. As a child, Reed showed an early appreciation for music after his family surrounded him with choral music and folk guitar. After exploring various instruments, Reed picked up a guitar at the age of 15 and the rest was history. Ever since, Reed has been devoted to honing his craft as a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and recording engineer. Reed completed the professional music program at Portland Community College in 2009 and continues to etch his place in the #PDXmusic scene with his original rock project Louder Oceans. Contact him at Loading....

  • Joe Duquette

    Joe Duquette, Account Executive & Photographer

    After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Joe returned to his motherland and earned his master’s in audio production from Emerson College in Boston. From there, he spent a decade licensing music and photos in Los Angeles, and is thrilled to have recently immersed himself in the thriving Portland music scene. Joe is the consummate professional music appreciator—you’ll find him shooting local shows, digging through record crates, or fine-tuning playlists at home. Contact him at Loading....

  • Skylor Powell

    Skylor Powell, Community Outreach Coordinator

    Skylor moved to Portland in 2009 from Colorado, largely drawn by the music scene. With a degree in psychology and 10 years of teaching yoga, she’s fascinated by what drives people to connect with one another. This passion is the foundation of her work with the Vortex Access Party. She's also currently working on a documentary called The Thread—follow along on Instagram @thethreadUS. Contact her at Loading....

  • David Mosher

    David Mosher, Founder

    Fueled by a lifelong love for music, David remembers spinning his parent’s 78s of The Nutcracker and Al Jolson at age 4. Next came Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and Elvis Presley on the radio. In high school, he built his own guitar amp and caught EJD Enterprises concerts at the Salem Armory, discovering ‘60s acts like The James Gang, The Buckinghams and Paul Revere and The Raiders. He continued to play music while attending college and concerts in Eugene, earning a bachelor's degree in art at the University of Oregon. The early ‘70s saw David enjoying Stumptown’s music scene as he started Art Media, Portland’s favorite art supply stores, in 1974. After 37 years, David sold Art Media in 2011 and is now focused on reconnecting with Portland’s dynamic music scene.

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