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  • David Mosher

    David Mosher, Publisher & Founder

    Fueled by a lifelong love for music, David remembers spinning his parent’s 78s of The Nutcracker and Al Jolson at age 4. Next came Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and Elvis Presley on the radio. In high school, he built his own guitar amp and caught EJD Enterprises concerts at the Salem Armory, discovering ‘60s acts like The James Gang, The Buckinghams and Paul Revere and The Raiders. He continued to play music while attending college and concerts in Eugene, earning a bachelor's degree in Art at the University of Oregon. The early ‘70s saw David enjoying Stumptown’s music scene as he started Art Media, Portland’s favorite art supply stores, in 1974. After 37 years, David sold Art Media in 2011 and is now focused on reconnecting with Portland’s dynamic music scene. Contact him at david [at]

  • Chris Young

    Chris Young, Editor-In-Chief & Founder

    A journalist, editor and advocate of his local music community, Chris is a native Portlander who's always finding ways to surround himself with beautiful, local noise and creativity. As a wide-eyed, industrious sixth grader, Chris devotedly caught his first concert at the Oregon State Fairgrounds where a shape-shifting, accordion-wielding, polka-playing comic set the live music bar high because, little Amlettes or not, the King of Parody (or “Suede”) doing his best imitation of the King of Pop will leave a lasting impression on a supple young mind. Follow him on Twitter @pdxnoise or contact him at chris [at]

  • Eric Skelton

    Eric Skelton, Art Director & Partner

    Admitted concert junkie, Eric started writing about music in college and hasn’t been able to kick the habit since. In addition to writing, his storytelling also takes the form of magazine layout design, illustration and video production. His work can be found on Pigeons & Planes, The Source Weekly and Sunset In The Rearview. Follow him on Twitter @EricSkelton.

  • Arthur Parker

    Arthur Parker, Webmaster & Partner

    A native of Hollywood, Ala., Arthur is a web developer by day and a musician by night. As a freelance web developer, he's mostly a PHP programmer, maintaining sites like Portland's Neighborhood Notes. As a musician, he's a member of Love Gigantic, Chris Robley & the Fear of Heights, Little Professor and The Nowhere Band. Contact him at arthur [at]

  • Katey Trnka

    Katey Trnka, Associate Editor

    Katey is a recent graduate of Portland State University's master's program in publishing. During her second year in the program, she served as the editorial manager at Ooligan Press, the program's student-run trade publishing house. With Vortex, she combines her editorial skills with her love of music, which has roots in snooping through her sisters' cassette tapes in the early '90s and has only grown since then, even inspiring her to major in music during her undergraduate career. Contact her at katey [at]

  • Skylor Powell

    Skylor Powell, Community Outreach Coordinator

    Skylor moved to Portland in 2009 from Colorado, largely drawn by the music scene. With a degree in psychology and 10 years of teaching yoga, she’s fascinated by what drives people to connect with one another. This passion is the foundation of her work with the Vortex Access Party. She's also currently working on a documentary called The Thread—follow along on Instagram @thethreadUS. Contact her at skylor [at]

  • Joe Duquette

    Joe Duquette, Account Executive

    After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Joe returned to his motherland and earned his master’s in audio production from Emerson College in Boston. From there, he spent a decade licensing music and photos in Los Angeles, and is thrilled to have recently immersed himself in the thriving Portland music scene. Joe is the consummate professional music appreciator—you’ll find him shooting local shows, digging through record crates, or fine-tuning playlists at home. Contact him at joe [at]

  • Josh Sager

    Josh Sager, Account Executive

    Josh is an award-winning songwriter of a district-wide songwriting competition when he was in elementary school. And yes, he still has the plaque. He is passionate about all things music, art and beer. Josh is obsessed with Johnny Cash so much that he named his son Cash. He loves creating unique art in his spare time. Contact him at josh [at]

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