Vortex Music Magazine is the definitive chronicle of Portland's musical vortex.

The Print Edition is published four times per year (since 2014), while digital coverage focuses on immediate access to quick bits of information and media so you can instantly find out what’s happening right now and engage with multimedia content.

Both thoughtfully explore Portland’s music scene, covering aspects and angles often untouched by other media outlets that simply skim the surface of the music community. We’re not just about what’s hot at this very moment—we aim to tell the stories of the culture, creators, educators and businesses that support our thriving music scene.

We publish serious, long-form journalism paired with dynamic, original photography and offer useful digital resources for Portland’s musicians and music community. We examine the circulation of music through our veins and culture.

In all that we do, it is our mission to make the Portland music scene more successful by making it more accessible.

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