Us Lights: 'Home' [Video Premiere]

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The band and director threw a premiere party last night at Holocene, but now Vortex has it here for your internet-viewing pleasure!

Click to see a whole gallery of posters by ShowdeerClick to see a whole gallery of posters by ShowdeerTo be square with you, the band and the video's director—Lily Marlene Rudy—did already premiere this aquatic bit of filmmaking for "Home" last evening at Holocene when Us Lights shared the stage with Coronation and PWRHAUS.

During the damp night, it's all knees and elbows, bare chests, flailing arms and front flips as the band's cinematic pop flows effortlessly over the sickly hued psychedelia of the underwater lava lamp. The concert poster by Showdeer (who is also the band's manager) was even inspired by Rudy's work, of which she says:

"When I first heard Us Lights play 'Home' at a show back in 2013, I immediately had a visual of foam running, spraying and mingling with other liquids. I couldn't get it out of my head. It wasn’t until I actually started to experiment with different techniques to produce foam (involving some crazy hydrogen peroxide distilling) that I could describe the emotion to that visual: adolescent sexual tension. That was what I wanted to create for 'Home.' But liquids alone weren’t going to do the trick. I need innocent touching and bare skin. Friends frolicking in and around a pool!"

For more Us Lights, check out photos from their January show at Mississippi Studios as well as Eric Skelton's New in #PDXmusic feature on the band.

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