Gold Casio, DoublePlusGood and Small Skies at Holocene on August 13, 2014

Gold Casio impress in live debut alongside DoublePlusGood and Small Skies.

On a night that featured three Portland bands who are more than comfortable around synthesizers and effects pedals, Gold Casio (the side project of several members from Adventure Galley) made their debut performance on Wednesday, August 13. Wearing black clothing highlighted by gold accessories, they took the stage behind appropriately gold-accented instruments and led off with the shimmering single “Colors On The Wall.” Bouncy basslines, bright electric guitar licks, and an array of synths fit in nicely under a glittering disco ball before a Holocene crowd that was eager to dance.

Despite sound problems that compromised their vocals in the early stages of the set, Gold Casio rallied to prove themselves as an exciting young band whose future appears lustrous enough to extend beyond their current status as a recreational side project. In the meantime, it’s the perfect excuse for a bunch of talented musicians to get together, have as much fun as possible, and cover Kylie Minogue’s addicting 2001 hit “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” (our favorite moment of the night). Queue up “Colors On The Wall” and click through our photo gallery from the evening. ES

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