Emo Nite at Holocene on Nov. 29, 2016

Emo Nite, also known as Taking Back Tuesday, is a specialty event that caters to diehard emo fans, a place where we can gather and celebrate what we all love. But it’s more than that, right? It’s the memories, the connections, the experiences tied to the heart-wrenching anthems that make us life-long emo kids. Those powerful feelings have a permanent place in our hearts, and that leaves a permanent ache in our hearts to revisit those times. And what better way to relive the New Found Glory days of old than with a thumping, coalescing "Dance, Dance" party?

Holocene was jam packed with black-clad, angsty millennials who were collectively "Screaming Infidelities" like they did back in middle and high school. Monochrome balloons lined the bustling venue and a haze of nostalgia helped the tunes hang in the air. The crowd’s vocals blended into a choir that accompanied a heavy-hitting list of songs exemplifying the times we remember so fondly, including tracks from artists such as Underoath, Saosin, Paramore, Good Charlotte, Brand New and more!

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