'The Heart of the Soul Pt. 2' Listening Party: Samuel Eisen-Meyers

Live Stream

Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 1pm show
all ages
Samuel Eisen-Meyers will celebrate the release of his new EP, ‘The Heart of the Soul Pt. 2,’ on June 21 with an interactive live stream. Moving in a more experimental and electronic direction but maintaining his pop songwriting roots with his second EP, Eisen-Meyers says the new music “​is written from the chronological perspective of a child. It's a pop ‘concept record’ that pulls from romanticism, coming of age myths, political dissonance, and the struggles of establishing one's self.” Recorded in January, it “captures a sense of intimacy and storytelling through electronic production and uplifting melodies. Combining live instrumentation with storytelling, it weaves a multilayered conversation with one’s inner child, teenager and adult—to the sound of autotune, background singing, activism, poetry and samples.” The live stream experience will provide “a space for local designers and animators to create a visual backdrop for this eight-track concept album. The live viewing experience will weave together light washes, color formatting, design and music video. As the album plays, viewers will experience the record in its entirety, while directly funding creatives and action. Hosted by KMHD, GHTOBLST and Vortex, "All donations from the event will go to three Portland groups challenging systemic racism and working for a more just, equal and representative society that prioritizes people’s lives over private property interests.” Those groups include The Black Order, Pueblo Unido and the Portland Refugee Support Group. Use the Get Tickets link below to RSVP for the listening party.

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