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    From Eight Venues, Seven Days, One City: Portland's Venue Bucket List:

    If shoegazing feels too tame for a Sunday night and you’d prefer to dance with the devil at Portland’s quintessential rock and roll club, why not tempt yourself with the longest-running burlesque show on the West Coast? Fifteen years and counting, Sinferno—snakes, ecdysiast acrobatics, fire dancers—is synonymous with the Sabbath in Old Town.

    Check these off your list:

    ▶ Sunday night also means that it’s the service industry’s turn to be served, a fact Sinferno welcomes with open arms (and legs).

    ▶ While Voodoo Doughnut across the street is notorious for its harebrained concoctions, Lonesome's Pizza (which provides the pies for your sinful trysts) stuffs both its crusts and boxes with original combinations of ingredients and art, respectively.

    ▶ Take heed of the words of the famous Florentine written above the door: Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate. Which these days likely means something like: Go big or go home.


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