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  • rontoms

    From Eight Venues, Seven Days, One City: Portland's Venue Bucket List:

    Devout Portland music scenesters and aficionados flock to their indoor-outdoor (depending on the season) house of worship for impeccably curated, free Sunday Sessions in SE Portland. The man behind the scenes is Theo Craig, the sole booker responsible for bringing all sorts of rising local and touring talent to “the city's biggest intimate music venue—Portland music is made here,” he says.

    Check these off your list:

    ▶ If it’s wintery, there’s plenty of space on the palatial patio—room enough for Ping-Pong—but if it’s summery, the patio’ll be packed.

    ▶ So what does the talent buyer drink? Kamadeva's Bow: Laird's Applejack brandy, Bärenjäger, fresh lemon and orange, hot water.

    ▶ If your tummy starts to rumble, power through a burger or “go for that beet salad if you're ‘trying to be good,’” Craig suggests.

    ▶ A word from the wise: “The bartenders can totally hear how that Tinder first date is going and they know how much you tip. Keep that in mind and tip appropriately,” Craig advises.