Elke Robitaille: 'That Devil' [Video Premiere]

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You'll have to go see Elke Robitaille and her full band live at Dante's on July 30 if you want to see the music video in its entirety. For now, here's a tease of the dark, edgy energy that awaits!

"'That Devil' is an upbeat, foot-stomping, clap-along folk song. It has a dark and eerie tone that is reminiscent of gypsy folk, inspired by fiddle-driven melodies and images of dancing around campfires," describes Portland-by-way-of-British Columbia singer-songwriter Elke Robitaille.

The fourth track from her 2016 EP In The End, Robitaille has "been working on releasing videos for each song from the EP as a way of expressing a bigger creative vision and really bringing each song to life," she says. But "That Devil" is the kind of song that "was practically written with a music video in mind, as the lyrics are full of scene-setting imagery."

So Robitaille got together with the production team at Totem Ent. "to make an upbeat, playful, high-energy and cinematic music video," she explains. Focused on creating a great production, the group scouted the perfect location and got to work.

"I found an awesome farm and barn where we filmed two separate scenes: a fire dance and a barn dance," Robitaille says. "Basically, each scene was like throwing a big party! I needed a lot of people to fill out the dancing scenes, so I put a casting call on Facebook and received a lot of responses. I had everyone from good friends to acquaintances, and even strangers, volunteer their time and talent to help make this video possible. Costumes and characters ranged from masked festivalgoers to burlesque-style carnival misfits, a professional fire dancer, and people ready for a country hoedown! My band also appears in the video as we entertain the crowd of dancers. I wanted my costume to reflect circus ringleader meets vintage country, and it worked perfectly. I was also very fortunate to have local craft microphone builders Ear Trumpet Labs donate an Edwina microphone for the shoot."

While you can check out the video's trailer below, you'll have to see Elke Robitaille and her full band (featuring JP Downer on bass, Tucker Jackson on pedal steel, Tim Karplus on keys and guitar, and Tony Lintz on drums) live at Dante's on Sunday, July 30 where they'll premiere the music video at the end of their set!

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