Summer Cannibals and Cherry Glazerr Bring Rock to All Ages

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At the tail end of March, Los Angeles’ Cherry Glazerr and Portland’s Summer Cannibals filled the Star Theater with a sold-out, all-ages crowd for a real alt-rock performance.

Cherry GlazerrCherry Glazerr

Being a minor in a world of 21-and-over live music venues is tough, so when Cherry Glazerr, a band who haven't even reached the legal drinking age themselves, announced an all-ages stop at the Star Theater, I knew it was a necessity.

Cherry Glazerr's set included highlights off both of their albums, especially crowd-pleasers like "Grilled Cheese" and "Had Ten Dollaz." Despite the band's age, they got the all-ages crowd riled up, even throwing down a 30-second hardcore track for the final song of the set.

Local Portland rockers Summer Cannibals shared the co-headlining spot with Cherry Glazer. For the band's all-ages fans, this was a rare opportunity—affordable all-ages shows can be hard to find with local bands, plus this particular set was special because it was their first show back from a tour that took them to SXSW in Austin and Treefort in Boise.

With their new record, Show Us Your Mind, released in early March, Summer Cannibals highlighted some of its best tracks. They began the set with new tracks “All It Takes," “Something New,” and the title track before playing a couple of tracks off their first album, No Makeup.

Summer Cannibals: Photo by Jason QuigleySummer Cannibals: Photo by Jason Quigley

Their energy onstage kept pace with every one of their past shows, maybe even surpassing it when leading lady Jessica Boudreaux got intimate with the audience, leaning in and on the front row dwellers during the set’s final song “Not Your Turn.”

Openers The Buttertones and Sunflower Bean offered short sets before the night’s two headliners. Just like Cherry Glazerr, both opening bands were very young. The Buttertones, a group of younger gents from LA, threw some old-school ‘60s surfer vibes our way, while Sunflower Bean, with the punkish, white-haired Julia Cumming fronting the band, gave us their all with their upbeat punk rock straight from New York.

When it comes to all-ages shows, Cherry Glazerr and friends proved to offer solid sets the whole night through.

Listen to "Grilled Cheese" from Cherry Glazerr’s latest record, 'Haxel Princess,' and watch the video for Summer Cannibals’ single "Something New" from 'Show Us Your Mind' below.

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