Just People: ‘Keep the Fire Burning’ [Song Premiere]

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After 10 years of soulful rock, the Portland seven-piece are still going strong—and are throwing a killer party to celebrate! Don't miss Just People and a lineup full of their friends at the Mission Theater on February 3.

While Just People frontman Scott Gilmore has been busy nurturing his folk pop duo Fox and Bones with his partner Sarah Vitort (aka Sarah Wild), don’t you think for a second that the rock band who love to throw rollicking parties would dream of letting their 10-year milestone pass by without a grand affair.

In fact, the seven-piece “recorded this song specifically to release on our 10 Year Anniversary show at the Mission Theater on Saturday, February 3,” Gilmore says. The soirée will also feature performances from 1,000 Fuegos, Worth + Marcott, Fortune's Folly, Revol Artists, live painting by Dane Eisenbart, and lighting by Lights Up Loud. “Keep the Fire Burning” will be “paired with our 2017 release 'Forge' and will be featured on our upcoming EP expected out late 2018.”

Recorded, per usual, at The Hallowed Halls with Justin Phelps (Cake, The Mars Volta), “Musically, it is driven by the palpable, in-the-pocket groove of Peter Marcott with hints of psychedelia from guitarist Jeff Pomerantz and drummer Alex Greene. Our saxophone player, Morgan Quinn, was vocal about keeping this song strong but simple to let the rock aspects of our sound bloom. The track is highlighted by an outlandish Jeff Pomerantz solo, the first of his on any JP track, a classic Marcott outro riff, and down and dirty bass groove from Todd Gee,” Gilmore describes.

“Lyrically, this is a counterpoint to an often touched topic in Just People songs, which is ‘letting go,’” Gilmore continues. “With ‘KTFB,’ I wanted to recognize that some things are worth holding on to—instead of letting go and hoping that they come back to you. It also touches on the idea of righteousness being a blending of darkness and light and not a polarizing either/or. It is also a look back at how quickly time moves and to recognize how important each moment is.”

Relish the moment together when you celebrate Just People’s 10th anniversary on Saturday, February 3 at the Mission Theater with 1,000 Fuegos, Worth + Marcott, Fortune's Folly and more!

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