First Look: Maiah Wynne, DJ Oso Fresh and The Bar Pilots at The Analog Cafe on Feb. 7, 2018

In many communities, local music provides a rich environment for artists to grow, succeed and showcase their talents. One showcase that has taken the local scene by storm is First Look at The Analog Cafe, which is presented by Portland Metro Records and hosted by The Bar Pilots.

Each month First Look rolls out a unique showcase that helps promote local artists through many avenues in music. First is through Portland Metro programming such as TV appearances on Portland Metro Records' Off The Record hosted by Rob Wessels; radio play on Fire Mondays as featured artists; professional photography; and a live performance at The Analog.

February's edition boasted talent on the stage and off. DJ Oso Fresh spun his blend of hip-hop and rock-infused dance music. After, The Bar Pilots took the stage with their blend of high-energy hard rock and punk bass tones.

Once the crowd, which featured PDX's own DJ LZ, heavy metal band Chemical Rage, cast and crew from TNT's hit show The Librarians, and local artist Simran Gleason of SlowCamera Paparazzi was ready, on stepped Maiah Wynne. Wynne serenaded the crowd with two totally different folk sets that featured both full band and solo portions. She told a tale of life, love and struggle like that of Patti Smith while playing beautiful folk sounds through multiple instruments.

Each month First Look features something new from the local music community. Stay tuned for next month's installment!

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