Eddie Martinez Band at Jimmy Mak’s on Nov. 1, 2014

It's 7pm at Jimmy Mak’s and the room is quickly filling with family, friends and fans of Eddie Martinez—you can feel the emotion and energy building in anticipation of what’s to come. Martinez and his bandmates—John Mazzocco on bass, Ramsey Embick on keys and Mike Braun on drums—take the stage and begin to play an instrumental dedicated to Martinez’s brother with such a passion that you could literally feel every note radiating through Martinez’s guitar.

His performance last Saturday night was nothing short of epic. Backed by a band of true Portland all-stars, they played a seemingly endless set of music that spanned genres (no feat for Martinez considering his body of work includes sessions with Run DMC, Robert Palmer, David Lee Roth and more), from Albert King, Be-Bop Deluxe and Curtis Mayfield to Neil Young (the latter of which was a cover of "Down By The River" fueled by Martinez’s raw emotion as well as the energy and love of the audience). All in all, it was a truly magical night that this photographer will never forget.

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