Andrew Endres Collective: 'Loss of Phobia’ [Song Premiere]

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Pepping to self-release their debut album, the Andrew Endres-led jazz ensemble will celebrate on December 10 at Jimmy Mak's with Blue Cranes.

'Desolation' will be available on vinyl on December 10 at Jimmy Mak's'Desolation' will be available on vinyl on December 10 at Jimmy Mak'sAndrew Endres has been hard at work on his debut record for a fair while. Way back in April 2014, he entered the studio at Kung Fu Bakery in SE Portland to lay down 10 tracks. Desolation features the contributions of Endres on guitar, Stephanie Cooke on piano, Dave Valdez on alto sax, Lindsey Quint on bari sax, Sam Hallam on bass, and James Ford on drums. After the Bakery, Endres took the studio work to Mathys Audio and worked with Josh Mathys from April '14 to July '15 to mix and track before ultimately mastering with Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering.

Now the Andrew Endres Collective are set to self-release their debut record on Thursday, December 10 at Jimmy Mak's, swapping out Valdez for Noah Bernstein on alto sax and Lindsey Quint for Reid Neuman on tenor sax in the live lineup, where the collective plans to "play the entirety of the album from start to finish in one continuous flow," Endres says.

To work yourself into that flow, take a listen to the second cut, "Loss of Phobia," off Endres' new record below. "I created the entire melody of this piece in one stream of consciousness by singing notes that came to mind while patting out rhythmic ideas on my body," he explains. "I arranged the chords to fit the melody later. This piece is a reference to the irrational fears and moments of anxiety I have had throughout my life."

Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Loss Of Phobia" below, plus check out some behind the scenes footage of the recording sessions for 'Desolation,' then catch the Andrew Endres Collective celebrating the release of their debut record with Blue Cranes on Thursday, December 10 at Jimmy Mak's.

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