Fox and Bones

Live Stream

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 7pm show
all ages
"In lieu of our canceled tour dates, we are getting in on some live stream action! We'll be hosting a Facebook live concert next Wednesday, April 1 at 7pm PST," the band writes. "The show is free, but [we] are also accepting donations if any are able to give. We canceled almost 40 shows and counting, and we are looking to recoup some of our losses, as well as save you all from quarantine boredom! We'll be using a professional sound and camera set up to bring you the highest quality we can muster in these crazy times. If you're lucky, we may even take some requests in true Fox and Bones fashion." Expect two hours of live stream action "to make up for the two months of U.S. touring that got axed." RSVP and find more info using the Get Tickets link below!

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