Tango Alpha Tango, Fox and the Law and The Lower 48 at Doug Fir

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Catch this all-Northwest bill on March 13.

Tango Alpha Tango is the epitome of quality Portland blues rock. Their music reminds you of smashing a beer bottle on the bar and drunkenly asking a stranger to repeat what they just said to you. It’s built on melancholy and redemption, but it also holds an uzi right to your gut with a satisfied smile.

Nathan Trueb’s high, distorted voice wails over grungy guitars and funk beats. They may be playing the Doug Fir, but we’re sure it will feel more like a run-down saloon. Prepare yourself for muddy organs, loud amplifiers and high energy.

Joining will be Seattle’s Fox and The Law, another garage rock band with blues intonations, and The Lower 48, a Portland rock band with classic pop sensibilities. If you don’t dance at this show, you’re a damn fool. Put on your finest suit and stain it with some whiskey.

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