Kinked at the White Eagle Saloon

Vortex Music Magazine

Relive bygone days with a double dose of cultish cover bands at the White Eagle Saloon on Saturday, July 5.

Time is short and your memory is shite. Relive bygone days real and imagined with a double dose of cultish cover bands the White Eagle Saloon on Saturday, July 5. Kinked is a smartly dressed local combo with a dedicated following of fashionables. These well-respected men keep their minds mostly in the swinging ‘60s, because that’s apparently where all the good times have gone.

If you feel the need for something a bit more “current” (only a bit, though), you might want to raise something cold and cheap to Giant Bug Village, aka Portland’s premier interpreters of Dayton, Ohio, suds-rock savants Guided by Voices. Salty singer and Pollard stand-in Stan McMahon is still howling at age 62, and the other guys (including Vortex contributing writer John Chandler and his kid brother Paul) seem to know their stuff too—pretty much.

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