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Photo by Jason QuigleyPhoto by Jason Quigley

It's the time of year when we Portlanders emerge from our caves and seek the essence of warmth on skin that’s been confined to business suits, rain gear and possibly even beards.

Click to get back to reading the current issue!Click to get back to reading the current issue!The bounty of music festivals that the Northwest has to offer during our cherished summer months is plentiful. You don’t even need to leave the city limits to enjoy multi-day, free, all-ages affairs featuring hordes of local acts, and you don’t even have to drive that far in any direction to discover wooded wonderlands that host some of the area’s most enduring and celebrated gatherings.

Whether you desire the banks of the Willamette River with bridges and buildings fencing you in, dreamy vistas of Mt. Hood instead, or even the incomparable Columbia River Gorge as your backdrop, there’s ample opportunity to gather with friends new and old at all of the annual concert series and large-scale music festivals that mark the calendar during the summertime.

Since there are festivities happening literally every weekend, take advantage of our online Northwest Festival Directory to see what’s going down so you can start to make your own plan. Available on both your computer and mobile device, find events around the region as well as details on lineups, ticketing information, streaming media and more at:

Happy Festival!

Chris Young Editor-In-Chief

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