Alialujah Choir 'Live From The Banana Stand' on May 2, 2015 [Video Premiere]

As Banana Stand Media preps to release the band's live record on August 26, watch a new video from the session.

Back in May 2015, the multi-talented Alialujah Choir entered the Banana Stand's secret basement venue to record 10 tracks for the latest document of the underground Portland music scene dubbed Live From The Banana Stand. At the time, the band had recently released their sophomore effort, Big Picture Show, in February and were ready to showcase its multipart harmonies and fuller instrumentation.

Featuring recognizable members of Weinland, Norfolk & Western, M. Ward, Blind Pilot and Hook & Anchor, the six piece brought energy to their well-crafted compositions—full of keys, plucked banjo and upright bass strings, harmonica blowin', strummed chords on acoustic guitars and a uke, and some improvisation on the theremin—in front of an audience in the subterranean digs, and now Banana Stand Media is prepared to release the live record on Friday, August 26.

To ready yourself for the full release, enjoy the gallery of photos above from May 2, 2015, and a live video of “Building a Nation” below. Plus read more about what's behind the Banana Stand in our recent feature on Record Labels to Watch.

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