MusicPortland First Monday Meetup: Building Equity in Community Media: at MusicPortland

Live Stream

Monday, October 5, 2020 - 6pm show
all ages
It's no secret that today's media landscape is increasingly controlled by fewer and fewer multinational corporations, and it should come as no surprise that independent and community-run media face an uphill battle when it comes to funding, distribution and promotion—many of the same hurdles that local artists face. A diversity of voices on our airwaves and pages—both digital and physical—are crucial to a thriving democratic society as well as a catalyst for local art scenes. Portland's music scene is no exception, and the likes of's DJ Ambush, We Out Here Magazine's Mac Smiff, freelancer Jenni Moore (formerly the Portland Mercury's music editor), and Chris Young of Vortex Music Magazine will discuss vital institutions and the role they play in the Rose City, as well as how our media can increase inclusivity and how our community can rally around independent media. As Covid-19 has decimated the advertising revenues that local media rely upon, we still see the crucial role journalists play documenting the pandemic, police brutality and wildfires, as well as uplifting us with music and art. Now is the time to invest in building and improving equity in community media. Click the links below for more information and registration.

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