New Channels for Money From Your Music: at MusicPortland

Live Stream

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 6pm show
all ages
MusicPortland along with friends from Side Door, SoundsExchange, Caravan, CD Baby, and Wags Works will be joining together “to learn and discuss new ways musicians can derive income from their music.” Professional working musicians have been hit hard during COVID-19 as it has taken a toll on music ecology. Excited to share a wealth of knowledge, MusicPortland will have a panel with “receiving the income you are entitled to through streaming,” having an understanding of maximizing your payouts with the in’s and out’s, and “how to create and deliver content that will help generate additional income from the music you have in your archive.” Panelists will be sharing their knowledge briefly, and a Q&A will be followed before they sign off, so come with your questions. As registration is required, there will be webinar sign in details that will be provided in an email once registration is completed. Join MusicPortland on June 23 at 6pm by clicking the link below to register.

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