Face The Music: A Portland City Commission Candidate Forum: at MusicPortland

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Sunday, May 3, 2020 - 1pm show
all ages
When you add up all the Portlanders who play music, work in the music industry, and care about the future of music in the Rose City, we are one of the largest constituencies in town. It’s time for Portland City Council candidates to Face the Music. Join MusicPortland on Sunday, May 3 for its Portland City Council Candidate Forum live on Zoom and Facebook. MusicPortland will be asking candidates about issues that matter to venues, music businesses, fans and musicians, and discuss how Portland can be a more music-supportive city as we rebuild. RSVP and submit your questions for the candidates in advance using the Get Tickets link below.

MusicPortlad is hosting Portland’s first candidate forum by and for the music community on Sunday, May 3 at 1pm. We’ll be asking the candidates for city council positions 1, 2 and 4 about the issues that matter to venues, music businesses, fans and musicians, and how Portland can be a more music-supportive city as we rebuild.

Right now, the world and our lives are sad, uncertain, restricted and helpless. But that will not always be so. We have a historic opportunity to change the future of our city, including its acknowledgement and support of our music ecosystem.

Four out of five seats on Portland’s City Council are up for election in this upcoming election. This local election of those who make the decisions for our city has a very real and direct impact on your future in music here. The primary vote to narrow the field (or decide a winner) is on May 19. Last year, only 35 percent of those who could vote cast a vote in the primary. If everyone who makes some or part of their living through music or a music business voted for the most music-supportive candidate, we can shift this election.

Our Face the Music candidate forum will ask each of the city commissioner candidates to make a short statement specific to Portland independent music and the clear threats we face. We will be asking them exactly how they intend to help our music culture share in the pre-Covid prosperity it has directly helped to shape and how they will support music in the recovery period. It is vital that we, as a music community, get involved, hear them out, and make our own choice about who will best support our city as a whole as well as the music community specifically.

Confirmed Candidates Attending

Carmen Rubio
Candace Avalos
Tim Dubois

Julia DeGraw
Sam Chase

Mingus Mapps
Sam Adams
Chloe Eudaly

Submit questions for the candidates here and join us on Sunday at 1pm for this first-ever Portland music candidate forum!

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