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There’s no telling what motivates human generosity, but it turns out that asking people to pay what they want—or what they feel something is worth—and bundling it with a good cause is a stimulating force. The pay-what-you-want pricing strategy has been effectively employed by Radiohead and Amanda Palmer, yielding incredibly successful media campaigns and very generous results. With a focus on supporting local creators and community exchange, Portland-based Generous was co-founded by Jared Mees, label manager at Tender Loving Empire—the hybrid record label, retail boutique and screen printing studio. Debuting in March when British comedian and author Russell Brand chose it to sell his fan merchandise, Generous has since expanded its pay-what-you-want e-commerce platform so that anyone can sell anything, anywhere online to potential buyers across social networks, blogs and websites. Buyers can select how much they want to pay with an interactive slider, and at least 5 percent of the purchase price will go to a charity either selected by the buyer or seller. In a nod to Kickstarter, sellers have the ability to add special incentives for different price levels, which naturally encourages buyers to give more. “We're really excited to announce that the entire Tender Loving Empire catalog of music and handmade items will be available on a pay-what-you-want basis (some with minimums, obviously) online this holiday season,” Mees says. In addition to Brand, Pink Martini are currently using Generous to sell their first-ever seven-inch single on vinyl with 10 percent of proceeds contributed to the Derek Rieth Foundation, an organization established in memory of the band's percussionist to work with underprivileged children through music and dance. Buying music, which’ll in turn allow young people to learn how to play, experience and move expressively to music, is a most generous gift paid all the way forward. Andrea Janda, Nov. 2014


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