Those Willows

Folk, Pop, Jazz, Rock
Location: Portland

Those Willows was forged in the melodic fires of the Motown jazz scene, and eventually followed their folk-infused hearts westward to Portland, Ore., where they've received acclaim for their nostalgic melodies and soul-driven performances. The pair's first full-length album, Rivertown, released in 2012, gained national recognition with songs airing on ABC, MTV, VH-1 and Bravo. In 2013, Those Willows released Existential Folks, their first EP recorded in the Pacific Northwest. This earned them performances at legendary venues including the Doug Fir Lounge and Mississippi Studios. They’ve quickly become a local favorite as The Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month and were featured artists on Tender Loving Empire’s Friends & Friends of Friends compilation alongside The Family Crest and Wampire. In 2014, they embarked on a West Coast tour and humbly accepted comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes and She & Him. Check out their new EP, Three Books, on Bandcamp. Those Willows