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Listen to a conversation with the emerging Portland pop four-piece plus hear a few of their songs, then tune in to every Thursday from 1 to 1:30pm for new episodes.

Genders: Photo by Todd WalbergGenders: Photo by Todd Walberg"I'm gonna do skateboard lingo: This record is very gnar, actually," says Stephen Leisy of Portland band Genders. "I’m really excited. I think the quality of the mixes are the best we’ve ever had—the best I’ve ever had in any band. I feel super proud of the songs. I think we all did a really great job."

I met Leisy and his bandmate Maggie Morris in SE Portland at Double Dragon, the bar where Leisy works, just prior to the four-piece taking off on their second tour with legendary Northwest indie rock act Built To Spill. They've already been local favorites around town (claiming a coveted Best New Band spot in 2013), but Leisy and Morris feel like they are just now starting to find the groove of being in a band for the long haul.

This fall, they are releasing their long-anticipated second album, Phone Home, which will also be their first release pressed on vinyl. Get a sneak peek of the album with their new single "Life Is But A Dream" featured in this episode.

Listen to the whole interview below and then tune in to every Thursday from 1 to 1:30pm for new episodes of Gritty Birds, plus find extended cuts on iTunes.

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