Dogheart: 'Vices' [Video Premiere]

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Soak up the '90s nostalgic vibes of Dogheart's camcorder days hanging at the mall and then celebrate the cassette release of their new record at No Fun on May 25.

Dogheart's Matt Jenkins and Gray HildrethDogheart's Matt Jenkins and Gray HildrethDogheart have successfully merged two eras in the video for "Vices," the catchy first single from their impending lazy garage pop record Yeah No For Sure. In the staticky, homemade clip, the pair of buddies perfect the camcorder selfie, simultaneously making it both a '90s and 2019 thing amongst ice skating at the Lloyd Center, sipping on 64-ounce graveyard pop, and partaking in random mall shenanigans. It looks like a blast and I'm sure Matt Jenkins and Gray Hildreth had fun reliving the general jackassery of their teenage years.

"'Vices' is about attempting to own up and learn from your own mistakes, replacing old bad habits with new clean habits through self-reflection," Jenkins tells. "It is about self-healing through writing and art, balancing new and old friendships. It is knowing your place and having the strength to hold your tongue while maintaining real emotion and honesty. And ultimately not getting hung up on things in the past that inhibit you from doing what you want to do in the future."

Celebrate the cassette release of Dogheart’s new record ‘Yeah No For Sure’—out April 5 via their own Haircut Records—at No Fun on May 25Celebrate the cassette release of Dogheart’s new record ‘Yeah No For Sure’—out April 5 via their own Haircut Records—at No Fun on May 25With a goal "to capture laughable, good, old-fashioned fun times in the style of candid footage of ’90s home videos,” Jenkins describes, "The video itself is a representation of how cool it used to be to go and hang out around town at places like the the mall. Life seemed a little less painful through the eye of a camcorder lens.”

For anyone who hasn’t recently revisited their home videos, just know: This is exactly what they’re like. “The colors, the graininess, the shaky camera interviews when the mic is too close, and the camera guy is narrating with dumb questions, and goofy observations. Obviously not everybody had a camera in their pocket back then, so being in front of a camera was a rare and exciting thing to do in that era. People always seemed to make the most of the opportunity, and put on a show. We wanted to embody that.” Jenkins and Hildreth nailed it.

“We wrote and recorded the song, along with the album, from summer ’18 through the fall. It was mostly recorded here in Portland at our studio setup (Motorboat Studios) and in our houses. Dogheart is still the two of us, but Caitlin Love (Hot Victory, Void Realm) joined us on drums for this album. She did a killer job!”

Dogheart hanging in RajneeshpuramDogheart hanging in Rajneeshpuram“There is one song that we recorded out in Wasco County, Ore.,” Jenkins adds. “We both watched the Wild Wild Country documentary and decided it would be a cool idea to finish writing and record a song where it all went down. One day this last summer we packed up some recording gear, and we found our way into the Big Muddy Ranch (Rajneeshpuram). Somehow we were able to explore the grounds undetected, and ultimately set up a mobile studio on the side of the gravel road leading out of the camp. The current owners eventually tracked us down, and kicked us out, but not before we finished the song! That place had a very strange, but interesting vibe.”

Watch the video for "Vices" below and enjoy all of Dogheart's nostalgic vibes when they celebrate the cassette release of 'Yeah No For Sure'—out on April 5 via Haircut Records—at No Fun with Get Real and Bad Shadows on Saturday, May 25.

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