Dogheart Shows Off Dad Moves with 'Night Jewels' [Video Premiere]

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What do Dogheart do when they think no one is looking? Dress up like dads, chug a few beers and romp around the beach at Sauvie Island. Proof? It was all captured on "one of those VHS tapes that you uncover at your parents and have no idea what is going to come up once you start watching it."

Dadheart: Photo by Athena DeleneDadheart: Photo by Athena Delene

While Dogheart don't go so far as showing off their disrobed dad bods in their newest music video from their debut record, they do the next best thing: They act daddy.

"Night Jewels" sees "three dad-like guys go to the beach and have a good time with a VHS camera," says Dogheart's bassist Gray Hildreth. "They get a little weird, and let loose."

The whole concept is "pretty simple—we just wanted to make something fun," he explains. And they did so by making the video themselves: "We got up early on a Sunday morning to get together and film this at a secret spot on Sauvie Island. I don't think any of us got enough sleep the night before, so we were already acting kind of goofy before the camera was even on."

A few beers later onscreen and in real life and our affable dads are letting loose and dancing around on the beach. Hildreth also recalls the first time the band ever played "Night Jewels" live: "It was at a house show in Yakima, Wash. One of our instruments was really out of tune, we started to play it, and it sounded terrible. Everyone watching looked confused, and it kind of killed the vibe for a moment. We almost scrapped the song because of that, but ended up reviving it and opening the album with it."

So, has Dogheart found their new style?

"We do not dress like that!" Hildreth says emphatically. "Only for special occasions. Maybe we'll play a show in that getup one of these days."

Until then, enjoy the dad-style video for "Night Jewels" below and catch the guys sharing the Doug Fir stage with Portland locals Mimicking Birds and Us Lights on June 18.

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