We Three and Haley Johnsen at Crystal Ballroom on Nov. 28, 2018

In July of this year, we had the privilege of bringing you a local trio by the name of We Three. And now, after their appearance on America's Got Talent, they've recorded an album. On November 28, the band played an album launch party at the Crystal Ballroom.

The nearly sold-out venue was packed with music fans young and old, all in attendance to hear the band's debut album, live, in its entirety. Opening the night was Haley Johnsen, another local artist who also shared a similar television journey, appearing on the 2012 season of American Idol. Johnson's folksy voice filled the room with a soulful warmth with songs including "Life" and "Maybe Just a Little."

When We Three took the stage, the love was intensely palpable. Manuel, Bethany and Joshua Humlie were absolutely glowing, fulfilling a childhood dream of playing this historic venue.

Particularly noteworthy was a track titled "Fairytale," a song they wrote a long time ago, a song that flipped the proverbial switch and convinced this gifted trio that through music, they were to undertake an epic journey. Also recorded for the album are the four songs they gave to us through America's Got Talent: "Lifeline," "Makeup," "So They Say", and their audition song, "Heaven's Not Too Far Away."

The album is currently available for pre-order through Amazon music, with an intended release date of December 14. Expect to see We Three hitting the road in the early part of 2019.

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