Mimicking Birds and Wake Owl at the Doug Fir Lounge on May 23, 2014

After a tumultuous tour promoting their sophomore album involving guns and stolen clothes, Mimicking Birds were happy to return home. They wrapped up their four week tour in the comfort and intimacy of the Doug Fir Lounge with loving fans and swarming cameras. The show started unusually early and whizzed by in order for Mimicking Birds—along with Big Haunt and Wake Owl—to perform and make way for Parquet Courts at 9pm.

Mimicking Birds’ second record, EONS, is a wave of timeless sorrow and hope woven vividly into nonlinear soundscapes. On Friday, May 23, they played “Night Light,” “Water Under Burned Bridges” and “Bloodlines” from it.

It’s too bad they ran into trouble on their tour. Drummer Aaron Hanson told their story during the set:

“We just got off a four-week tour with a band, some good friends of ours now, called Wake Owl and another band from Portland, our neighbors Big Haunt, who played just now—give them a hand. It’s been a long tour, Adam [Trachsel] got a gun pulled on him. Big Haunt had their car broken into and had all their clothes stolen, and Wake Owl was held up at gunpoint. We’re really glad to be back home and we’re all very tired. There’s quite a bit of a haze over us right now, but thank you guys for coming out to such an early show. We have a new album out called EONS. It came out May 13, and we have it here for sale. We’re really excited about it. Thank you guys for coming out.”

Fans rushed the stage after the set with albums for signing and screams for an encore. Wake Owl graciously took the stage and rocked the house.

Mimicking Birds Set List:
Home and Somewhere Else
Night Light
Water Under Burned Bridges
Burning Stars

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