Trigger Hippy at Mississippi Studios on Jan. 26, 2015

Monday night at Mississippi Studios: There's a sold-out house and five outstanding musicians (Tom Bukovac, Nick Govrik, Joan Osborne, and Steve Gorman and Jackie Greene of The Black Crowes) came together collectively under the name Trigger Hippy for an extraordinary evening of music. Delivering a set of country roots, rock, blues and gospel songs, the band brought an incredible energy and connected with the crowd. With all the hand clapping, foot stomping and dancing that you could hope for, it was a fun show and one of those that you hate to see come to an end. When it did end and the band returned for their encore, Osborne introduced the band members and playfully stated, “We're Trigger Hippy and don’t you forget it,” which was quickly followed by Greene striking the first cord of John Prine’s classic “Angel From Montgomery”—a perfect closing, that featured Osborne’s emotive, soul-stirring vocals, to a performance I won’t soon forget.

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