The Horrors and Cat Hoch at the Wonder Ballroom on June 28, 2018

For a band that’s been honing their craft for over a decade, The Horrors seem to be having an identity crisis. Or maybe their latest incarnation is the ultimate synthesis.

When the lights at the Wonder Ballroom brightened up just enough to identify the five figures onstage, it was clear the London-based outfit were embracing their goth roots. However, the latest LP, V, isn't reminiscent of the dissonant garage rock of Strange House, instead subscribing to a festival-ready arena rock. Still, there are enough elements of the band that broke through with the unconventional song structure of “Sea Within a Sea” (always a treat to hear live) to retain the loyal fans.

While The Horrors have clearly ditched the sub-psychedelia look of theirSkying days, their performance has been growing ever more expansive. With no technical glitches getting in the way, the quintet seamlessly breezed through the set, opening with “Hologram” from their latest album and ending the night with the radio-friendly anthem “Something to Remember Me By.” The band looked to be enjoying their time onstage as well: Smiles broke through several times on those brooding faces, though this couldn't be confirmed on singer Faris Badwan’s face, which was often hijacked by his dark hair. While the saturated red and blue lighting may have been a challenge for phone-tographers and professional photographers alike, the music was stress-free, even uplifting.

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