The Domestics and Autonomics at the KINK Live Studio on Nov. 9, 2017

Photos by Heather Hanson and Samantha Stidham

Well, the cat is out of the bag and sadly, it's brought unfortunate news. As Autonomics shared on Instagram earlier this week: "Cheers to this sexy low-frequency hunk of a man. Vaughn is leaving the band, and we wish him the best. Autos is still going strong."

Truth be told, bassist Vaughn Leikam was last seen in action in PDX at Autonomics' Doug Fir record release show—which we documented in this comic—and at the KINK Live Studio on Thursday, November 9, the band's biggest fan, Lord Reginald "Reggie" Rockafellow, actually got his big break filling in for Leikam. While he will be missed, we are nevertheless excited for Autos 2.0 as they explore new options and a potentially bigger sound. Until we see and hear what's next from the guys, enjoy this solid nine-song performance featuring a bunch of new songs from their latest Debt Sounds.

The punk rock exuberance of the first set was contrasted by the beautifully demure pop of The Domestics. Our summertime cover stars, the five-piece's brooding sophomore LP, Little Darkness, finally saw the light of day on November 8. Performing a set of new album tunes, The Domestics excelled. Ready to play as many shows as they possibly can over the coming months, if you pick up a copy of the Tucker Martine-produced record, 50 percent of all proceeds will go directly to the Southern Poverty Law Center. For now, enjoy a little live action below. CY

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