Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament and Napalm Death at Sunlight Supply Amphitheater on August 23, 2018

Only time will tell if this is actually Slayer’s last tour, but this lineup and showcase would've provided a very fitting send-off to an era that only now seems to get the proper appreciation. Slayer have been a household name in some fashion for over 30 years. Transcending the genre they helped create, Slayer have kept the bar raised high throughout their career in terms of brutality, musicianship and staying power.

This tour was appropriately massive and is far from over with dates extending well into 2019 with an impressive selection of different supporting acts. The current lineup includes Napalm Death, Testament, Anthrax and Lamb of God, all of which can and do headline their own successful tours around the world.

If your opener is Napalm Death, you know you’re in for one hell of a night, especially when you follow that up with Bay Area thrash legends Testament and equally legendary New York contemporaries Anthrax. All three of these bands have massively influenced and shaped metal music and continue to demonstrate the power of their craft with energizing live performances like what was seen on this night. Lamb of God have a unique style all their own but you can definitely recognize influences from the four other bands that they shared the stage with. They have forged these influences with others to create a style that has had the same effect of inspiring a new generation of artists looking to push the envelope.

The night's headliners have continually pushed the envelope themselves and have inspired countless bands and musicians. This inspiration will undoubtedly continue well past any possibility of seeing them live, but the impact of a Slayer show must be seen to be truly appreciated. The set list included 19 songs that were mostly from early in their catalog, providing a great mix of what diehard fans wanted to hear alongside what the newly initiated needed to hear. There will be several more chances to witness Slayer live around the world and whether it be your first time or 40th time seeing them, I urge you to partake one last time as this could truly be the end of an era.

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