Ripe Red Apple at the Alberta Street Pub on Jan. 31, 2015

From Chile to Portland, Ripe Red Apple—Gaia Lyle (vocals) and Gonzalo Villa (guitar) along with Christopher Benson (guitar), Alexandra Geffel (drums) and Dave Smith (bass)—brought their blend of blues rock to the Alberta Street Pub on January 31. The band's sound is enamouring—the songs are well crafted and heartfelt. Lyle’s vocals were nothing short of breathtaking, a perfect match for her passionate lyrics. Villa and Benson’s guitar collaborations were well executed as the duo’s strengths complemented each other flawlessly. The gig was a big success for all—the audience left with smiles on their faces, while Lyle and the band genuinely enjoyed the evening. I’m sure I will be back to see one of their gigs soon and so should you!

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