Junior Brown at the Aladdin Theater on April 10, 2015

It’s a Friday night in Portland and a raucous crowd is filling the Aladdin Theater to capacity for a night with Junior Brown. For those who have not been blessed with the opportunity to experience him live, Junior Brown is a guitar enigma. Country and Western through and through, he is also a little blues and surf along with some rock and roll. At his live shows, you never are quite sure what he'll be throwing your way, but one thing's for certain: You will definitely be amazed. His playing is a masterpiece of dazzling finger work on the fretboard and slide, and his guitar—a Guit-Steel that's half Telecaster and half pedal steel (without the pedals)—is something to behold. It's even a greater treat to watch him play it. On this night, Brown undeniably delivered a performance of everything great country music should be and more.

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