Jackson Browne at Edgefield on August 10, 2016

On a magnificent Pacific Northwest summer evening, the stage was set for one of the premier singer-songwriters of the 20th century: Jackson Browne. Casually walking on stage with his full band—including longtime bandmates Val McCallum (guitar), Mauricio Lewak (drums), Jeff Young (keyboards), Bob Glaub (bass), Alethea Mills (vocals), and the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz (guitar, lap steel, pedal steel)—Browne greeted the sold-out Edgefield crowd and then promptly took his place at the piano and opened his 26-song, two-and-a-half-hour-plus performance with “Rock Me on the Water” from his 1972 debut album.

Today at 67, Browne symbolizes true humility and musicianship—a performer who is all about the music. I’ve been a fan of Jackson Browne for more than 30 years and have seen many of his shows, but I can truly say this performance stood out as one of the best I’ve ever witnessed. One moment that exemplified what Browne is all about was the breathtaking performance of “For a Dancer.” As Browne told the story of writing this song for a lost friend, his voice cracked with emotion and he dedicated the song to the families affected by the tragedy in Orlando as well as other victims of gun violence, tying the substance of the song to one of the greatest issues we face in the modern world as well as the upcoming Concert Across America to End Gun Violence, which will be held on September 26. It was a moment filled with heartfelt emotion that was simply beyond words. Browne then closed the first set with the rousing "Doctor My Eyes,'' which had the Edgefield crowd dancing in the aisles.

After a very brief intermission, the second set started with "The Birds of St. Marks'' from his latest release Standing in the Breach, and from there Browne took us on a 13-song journey that ended with his signature "Running on Empty." Browne then treated the crowd to two encores, paying tribute to his late friend Glenn Frey by performing an inspiring version of the Eagles hit "Take It Easy" (co-written by Browne). And ultimately, he closed the show with his version of Little Steven’s “I’m A Patriot” from 1989’s World in Motion, a fitting song for the times we live in today and a perfect ending to a night filled with great music, emotional moments and a few surprises—a show those in attendance won't soon forget.

Jackson Browne is an artist whose passion to perform has not waned. And as he and his band delivered their best on this night, it was a privilege to witness this artist in his element.

Set List

Set One
Rock Me on the Water
Just Say Yeah
Fountain of Sorrow
The Long Way Around
Call It a Loan
I'm Alive
For Everyman
Walls and Doors
For a Dancer
Doctor My Eyes

Set Two
The Birds of St. Marks
Your Bright Baby Blues
Linda Paloma
Which Side
These Days
Somebody's Baby
Redneck Friend
The Barricades of Heaven
Late for the Sky
In the Shape of a Heart
The Pretender
Running on Empty

Encore One
Take It Easy
Our Lady of the Well

Encore Two
I Am A Patriot

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