Jackson Boone, Bike Thief and Hildegard at the Doug Fir Lounge on May 25, 2015

While Jackson Boone's psychedelic sophomore effort, Natural Changes, may not be out until September 9, he shared a little taste of the record in the form of a mini documentary on the making of the album on Memorial Day evening at the Doug Fir alongside Portland's Bike Thief and New Orleans rockers Hildegard. Watch the trailer for the documentary here and then wait to bask in more of Boone's cosmic psych-folk come September.

In October 2014, Jackson Boone and his band of psychedelic misfits released their debut LP, Starlit, at a jam-packed Alberta Street Pub. Immediately after the set, Boone and videographer Ryan Bell drove to Cannon Beach to begin setting up for the recording of the band's second album, Natural Changes. Produced again by Riley Geare (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), Boone retreated to a family home right on the Oregon... read more

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