Exroyale at Mississippi Studios on June 29, 2014

When we featured Exroyale in the first issue of Vortex Music Magazine as a part of our New In #PDXmusic series, they were a mystery. We didn't know what their names were and had no idea what they looked like—all we had to go on was an excellent debut single. So when we heard they were playing their first Portland show at Mississippi Studios on June 29 (in support of The Knocks and ASTR), we knew we had to be there. For all we knew, they were a magical group of singing puppies who played instruments with adorable little paws.

While their entrance turned out to be a little less dramatic than that weird fantasy, it became immediately obvious that Exroyale is ready to capitalize on all the promise we wrote about in our first issue. Their two singles translated very well to a live setting and they unveiled new material that we can't wait to hear recorded.

While the songs they've released thus far carry an overall electronic aesthetic, Exroyale's set took on a surprising rock tone as it progressed. Perhaps the highlight of the night was a pair of impressive guitar solos that revealed some musical chops we hadn't quite expected. We can't wait to see how that translates to their next recorded project. ES

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