Circa Survive and Rx Bandits at the Roseland Theater on Nov. 7, 2015

The cold and wet autumn evening in Portland had no chance of muting my excitement as I neared the Roseland Theater. I had seen Circa Survive live more than a handful of times, so I had a very clear idea of what the night’s event would bring. Ethereal, introspective refrains, explosive rock climaxes, and genuine showmanship were guarantees. Knowing that Circa Survive would be celebrating their first album’s 10-year anniversary by playing Juturna in its entirety had my spirits high.

The SoCal grooves of openers Rx Bandits seemed an appropriate appetizer for the sensory feast that laid before me. Their infectious rhythms were contrasted by savory, swaying melodies, and they kept the energy buzzing without saturating the atmosphere with too much chaos.

Circa’s stage entrance was routine yet welcomed warmly. The crowd eagerly cheered and chanted along with Anthony Green’s stormy vocals as he launched in Juturna—listen to the record in its entirety below. As the show progressed, the mood churned, following the cinematic intricacies of the album. Memorable moments from the show included the explosion from the confetti canons as the band struck the first climax in the song “Oh, Hello,” Green’s solo, acoustic presentation of “Meet Me in Montauk,” and the final piece of the performance, “House of Leaves.”

It was another unforgettable performance from Circa Survive, and now I’m looking forward to the 10-year anniversary tour of On Letting Go!

Set List:
Holding Someone’s Hair Back
Act Appalled
Wish Resign
The Glorious Nosebleed
In Fear and Faith
The Great Golden Baby
Stop the Fuckin’ Car
We’re All Thieves
Oh, Hello
Always Getting What You Want
Meet Me in Montauk

Suspending Disbelief
Handshakes at Sunrise
House of Leaves

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