Brass Tacks at The Wild Hare Saloon Canby on March 17, 2018

When you think of the Pacific Northwest, many think of the tall evergreens and ponderosa pines, rain and natural beauty all around, and even a thriving music scene. Yet, one genre of music that the PNW has not been known for over the years is country music.

That said, the last several years have shown that country music is alive and well in Oregon and Washington. With several country acts striving for success, one band in particular who has taken that success and ran with it—right into the hearts of Portland-area crowds—is Brass Tacks, out of Molalla, Ore.

This was evident in the fact that their release party for their debut album, Love, Life & Loss, at The Wild Hare Saloon in Canby was a sold-out show. Brass Tacks played all the tracks off the new record along with several other originals and coves, filling the evening with music for a solid three hours.

Love, Life & Loss features 11 tracks of pure musical joy that explore all forms of country music on songs like “Brothers,” which tells the story of brothers who are best friends and experience the best parts of life together, and “Ride or Die,” which gives you a taste of the swampy outlaw country sound mixed with some down-home lyrics about a cowboy trying to make it in a tough bull riding scene, but never giving up.

Never giving up is something that Brass Tacks have done to get to where they are today—and it shows on the new record, which is out now. You can pick up Love, Life & Loss from Brass Tacks themselves on Thursday, March 29 at the LaurelThirst Public House or on iTunes.

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