Ayron Jones and The Way at the Goodfoot on Oct. 1 and The Bing Lounge on Oct. 2, 2014

Puget Sound trio rock the Goodfoot and The Bing Lounge

Seattle's Ayron Jones and The Way returned to Portland this week playing an intimate club date at the Goodfoot on Wednesday night followed by a Thursday afternoon set in The Bing Lounge. Led by Jones' fierce guitar playing and raw, emotion-filled vocals, they did not disappoint. On display were songs from their Sir Mix-A-Lot-produced debut, Dream, including standout performances of “My Love Remains”—the video (below) for which was funded by Kickstarter backers and released just this week featuring plenty of Emerald City locales as well as a cameo from the booty-lovin' rapper himself.

This band has all the makings of becoming a great power rock trio, especially considering the solid backline provided by DeAndre Enrico (bass) and Kai Van De Pitte (drums). With a distinctive blues rock sound that sets them apart, don't miss Ayron Jones and The Way when they return to Portland on November 4.

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