The Outset Series: !mindparade

Live Stream

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - 8pm show
all ages
Mothership Music’s two owners will host their band from their home studio live on July 28 at 8pm. Designed for this show with visuals, synths, and strings, they will perform an improv/noise piece for CMG’s The Outset Series. CMG continues their new format of its Outset local concerts on their Twitch throughout July. As an experimental music project, !mindparade combines art rock, chamber composition, avant-garde, and song arc. They will be accepting donations throughout the evening for the Southern Poverty Law Center and ACLU via their Venmo (@mindparade0). With no need for an account to watch, “streaming events are free (with donations accepted).” Click the link below to watch the live stream

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