Portland Music Stream: Patterson Hood at Alberta Rose Theatre

Live Stream

Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 7pm show
all ages
$100 advance, $100 day of show
Season 3 of the Portland Music Stream is here to bring “you live-streamed concerts by some of the world's finest talents and sent directly to you.” This is a way to continue sharing concert experiences while connecting with those in the Portland music community, seeing and hearing artists you love, and supporting these artists “through this gig-less time.” This is a subscription service. For $100, you will get 20 concerts delivered to you on demand, with new shows being added five nights per week. This season will air between May 20 and June 14. Your subscription helps to keep a vital Portland venue alive, allows musicians to perform, and fosters community during these times of social distancing. Featuring performances from Little Sue, Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers, Redray Frazer, Naomi LaViolette, Jeremy Wilson, Lloyd Jones and many more!

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