Quick Pickle Fest: MAITA, Mo Troper, Olivia Awbrey, Long Hallways, Tara Velarde, Roselit Bone, Rum River Cult, Maria DeHart, J. Graves, Margaret Wehr, and Dan Klee

Live Stream

Saturday, April 25, 2020 - 3pm show
all ages
Olivia Awbrey can’t help but keep busy while under self-isolation. While she was set to celebrate the release of her debut LP at the Doug Fir last weekend, she instead rocked Vortex’s sixth birthday. And if you missed her set, now’s your chance to hear new music from her impending record ‘Dishonorable Harvest’—10 tracks of punk-tinged, self-aware rock. Officially out on her own label Quick Pickle Records on May 1, she’s now gathered some of her very talented friends to play a virtual Quick Pickle Fest, including MAITA, Mo Troper, Long Hallways, Tara Velarde, Charlotte McCaslin of Roselit Bone, Maria DeHart, J. Graves, Margaret Wehr, Dan Klee, and Sarah Parson of Rum River Cult. All artists will be streaming live on their own Instagram pages so find the complete lineup and everyone’s handles below!

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