Livestream Music Festival III: Cellotronik

Live Stream

Saturday, April 11, 2020 - 6:30pm show
all ages
$10 day of show
“Join us for the third installment of Classical Revolution's weekly online festival showcasing performing musicians from around the world. This week we have 15 musicians performing from California, Portland, Milwaukee, Chicago, NYC, Boston, Providence, and Poland! Stream will be hosted on Classical Revolution's Facebook channel." Use the Watch Live Stream link below. ("Refresh the page to see the next performance.") Or click Get Tickets to find updated info on the day of the show. Find the schedule (subject to change, all times PST) below too. Suggested donation is $10-20 and individual musicians' payment info will be posted so you can tip your favorite performers.

12pm Mateusz Smoczyński, violin (Poland): John Coltrane, Mark Summer, originals
12:30pm Roseminna Watson, violin (Providence, RI): Bach, originals
1pm Joshua Roman, cello (Santa Barbara, CA): Bach Suite #6
1:30pm Noah Luft-Weissberg, violin (NYC): Bach, Corelli, Debussy, Prokofiev
2pm Rob Flax, violin/voice (Boston): Originals, improvisations
2:40pm Robert Rudolph Hasspacher, viola (Chicago): Bach G Minor Flute Sonata
3pm David Keller, cello (Chicago): Bach Suite #3
3:30pm Wendy Law, cello (NYC): Bach Suite #1
4pm Peter J Thomas, electric cello (Milwaukee): Classical and rock arrangements
4:30pm Paul Hanson, bassoon (Napa County, CA)
5pm Lewis Patzner, cello (Oakland): Baroque, originals
5:30pm Alexandra Simpson, viola (SF): Bach Suite #4, Reger Suite #3
6pm Ariel Wang, guitar/voice (Oakland): Originals
6:30pm Skip VonKuske (aka Cellotronik) of Portland Cello Project, cello (Portland, OR): Originals and arrangements
7pm Rushad Eggleston, cello (Carmel Valley, CA): Originals

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