Whiskey Dixie & The Big Wet Country

Country, Comedy
Location: Portland

Whiskey Dixie & The Big Wet Country is a raunchy outlaw-country musical about a sexually frustrated cowgirl looking for a good time. Written by award-winning and Grammy-nominated songwriter Amanda Richards, this is the tawdry tale of Whiskey Williams, played by Richards, a voluptuous vixen who beats off the demons of her past through humor and radical honesty. If you've ever longed to hear country songs about STDs, premature ejaculation or how to properly go down on a woman, you will love instant classics like "Come Too Quick" or "Save a Cow, Eat a Cowgirl." Directed by Serah Pope, it's hard to believe that a show this vulgar and poignant was written, directed and crewed entirely by women. Poking fun at many sexual taboos and hot topics while playfully navigating the currents of the present-day American patriarchy, Whiskey Dixie encourages audiences to seize the day and "Grab Life by the Pussy." Riotously revel in Whiskey Dixie at the Imago Theatre from September 21 through October 13!