The Vardaman Ensemble

Rock, Jazz
Location: Portland

Tiring of the need for communication via the slippery notion of words, The Vardaman Ensemble came together to play instrumental music based on the maxim “fusion in relation to doom, distortion in relation to breath, and spazz in relation to prog." Is Land, released in cooperation with SDM Records, is an album based around a future documentary, Badvugum: Everything’s Imagined Here (out in 2028 and directed by Martin Denny), which explores the historical narrative of Badvugum's main island, Lahrir, and the island's inhabitants living in a world imagined into existence. Without words, The Vardaman Ensemble wind through post, kraut and prog rock, stoner metal, minimalism, noise, and fusion while featuring heavy, start-stop guitar riffs, sax, French horn, strange noises, and incredibly precise percussive work. Out on SDM Records, get the album here!


  • The Vardaman Ensemble: "Anorak Flats"
  • The Vardaman Ensemble: "These Hitchhiking Seahorses"
  • The Vardaman Ensemble: "Soggy Oatmeal Shoes"