Stoneface Honey

Pop, Rock
Location: Portland

If you ask Angie Kopshy how the cannabis-based lawsuit turned out, her attorney-advised, monotone response will be: “It was resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.” If you want to know how it felt, Stoneface Honey’s latest album takes you on the emotional rollercoaster that vacillates between pop, reggae and ballads. The female duo of Kopshy and Kate Austin pulled in the support of Portland drummer Randy Herbert, bassist Christopher Friesen and guitarist Dan Johnson, recording with The Rye Room’s Matt Greco. For fans of First Aid Kit, Shook Twins and Tori Amos, Resolved to the Mutual Satisfaction of Both Parties is out now on CD and and digital platforms—get it here or stream here.


  • Stoneface Honey: "Beguiled"